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Formula Inserter

"The Inserter is light-years ahead of anything else I've seen in other forums; It is a remarkable achievement" Karl Stahmer

Math Formula Inserter uses simple technology to solve the problem of typing

Math in the web. See it in Action , View Examples , Try it Now

It saves a lot of headache and frustration while trying to type "∩" instead of "Intersection"

Example of how it is used online:

Get Free MFI for your webpage:

 What is it?

 MFI (Math Formula Inserter) is an easy way to type Math Online

 What you will get upon Signup?

 You will get your own page at our  site:

 mathyards.com/mfi/Your Name or Your school name

Please Follow the instructions in the following Two steps:

           You will get your own page at our site:

              mathyards.com/us/mfi/Your name Or Your school name.

              Please fill in your Desired  Name:
Desired Name

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