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Welcome to the Turkey yard

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Become a Supervisor within the Turkey yard and be part of our community. Being a Supervisor is merely a Volunteer job. You will be able to help and support members of of the Turkey yard. Any yard may have more than one Supervisor.


-Monitor the yard's activities.

-Accept and approve member's signups.

-Provide info about your country's educational system and cultural backgrounds.

-Any Ideas or development plans you may suggest.


-Your job as a Supervisor is on voluntary basis, you will not be paid for being a Supervisor. Although we may provide funding if you have a good development plan.

-Your CV will be posted at your yard's website.

-Your yard's project will benefit from any sponsorship ,funding or prizes the Mathyards project may possess in future.

-If you have any thoughts or questions ,please Contact us.

How to join

Simply Email your CV.

Discover Turkey

                                                History of Turkey

Yard Supervisor(s)

Population 68,109,469
Area 780,580 sq km
Government republican parliamentary democracy
Capital Ankara
Independence Day 29 October 1923
Internet Code .tr
Currency Turkish Lira

           Turkey Map

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