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Welcome to the Turkey yard

Math Homework Submitter

What is it?

 MHS (Math Homework Submitter) is an easy way to send math.

 Homework to both: an email address and a webpage.

How to get it?

Signup for a Free MHS  page and have your students submit their

Homework to you via email

What you will get upon Signup?

You will get your own page at our  site: Name or Your school name

 Your submitted Homework will be stored in:                                               

The following is a sample email received by MHS:


 The following is a sample of stored Homework in a webpage by MHS:


            Please Follow the instructions in the following Three steps:

           You will get your own page at our  site:

     name Or Your school name.

              Please fill in your Desired  Name:
Desired Name

           Your submitted Homework will stored in an html page:


              Please fill in your Desired page name:

Desired Page:

           Please Fill in the following fields :

              N.B. the email you enter will be used as the default email

                 where the Homework will be forwarded.

Your Name:
Your School Name:
Your Email:


Discover Turkey

                                                History of Turkey

Yard Supervisor(s)

Population 68,109,469
Area 780,580 sq km
Government republican parliamentary democracy
Capital Ankara
Independence Day 29 October 1923
Internet Code .tr
Currency Turkish Lira

           Turkey Map

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