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SIT/HND Mathematics

Useful programs: 4 band resistor colour code | 5 band resistor colour code | circuit calculator
EasyNumerics is a free educational software for Numerical Methods developed by Dr. Cuneyt Sert.It covers the following numerical methods topics: 
Curve Plotting ,Finding Roots of Equations,Solving Linear Equations,Optimization,Differentiation and Integration, Curve fitting,Solving Ordinary Differential Equations:
Click Here to Download Easy Numerics
To run the program:1.Unzip the file EasyNumerics.zip
2.Hold and drag the file EasyNumerics0_64_win.tcl over the file tclkit-win-32-8-4-12.exe and the program will start.
Click Here for Installation and Running(Flash Presentation)
Click Here for Help on using the program
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