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Welcome to the USA yard

As an educator or administrator, you are always looking for new and exciting ways to communicate with students and others in an easy to use, cost effective (Free), and efficient manner. The World Wide Web satisfies all these criteria and allows almost instant delivery of information, virtually anywhere. You can create a reference page with links and a course calendar, or you can create an entire online course. Mathyards enables you to easily create and maintain Web pages suited to your needs without learning any HTML.

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Karl Stahmer a Software Engineer Berbee's E-Business
He is also an expert Mathematician, Administrator at other Five Forums and an excellent contributor to our newly established Froum:Mathyards.
To know more about Karl ,please visit his




A teacher may signup  to have his own Homework Submitter or his own Easy Math. forum or both to enable his students interact with him from any place connected to the internet at any time. All services are free.


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Population 290,342,554
Area 9,629,091       sq km
Government Constitution based   federal republic; strong democratic tradition
Indep. Day 4 July(1776)
Capital Washington, DC
Internet Code .us
Currency US Dollar

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