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BasicsI-Arithmetic/Algebra Tutoring Basics 1 Answers


Tutoring Basics 5 Answers
BasicsII-Equations Tutoring Basics 2 Answers

BasicsVI-Complex Numbers

Tutoring Basics 6 Answers
BasicsIII-Graphing Tutoring Basics 3 Answers

Integration Encyclopedia

Units Conversion Calculator Mechanical Formulae
BasicsIV-Logarithm/Exponential Tutoring Basics 4 Answers

HND Formula Sheet

HND Formula Sheet Electrical Formulae

This website is dedicated to the students of the Sharjah Institute of Technology  studying the Unit Analytical Methods for Engineering  and the Unit Further Analytical Methods for Engineering for the Edexcel BTEC Higher National Diploma Programme.   
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Learning Outcome 1: Algebraic Methods
Handouts Tutoring Sheets Answers Learning Resources   Scenario
Polynomials Division Tutoring 1 Answers LR1  |  LR2


Remainder&Factor Theorems Tutoring 2 Answers LR3LR4


Partial Fractions Tutoring 3 Answers LR5 | LR6


Hyperbolic Functions Tutoring 4 Answers LR7


Sequences and Series Tutoring 5 Answers LR8


Taylor's Expansion Tutoring 6 Answers LR9


Binomial Theorem Tutoring 7 Answers LR10


Learning Outcome 2: Trigonometric Methods
Handouts Tutoring Sheets Answers Learning Resources   Scenario
Sinusoidal Functions Tutoring 8 Answers LR11


Applications Tutoring 9 Answers LR12


Trigonometric Identities Tutoring 10 Answers LR13


Learning Outcome 3:  The Calculus
Handouts Tutoring Sheets Answers Learning Resources   Scenario
Limits & Continuity Tutoring 11 Answers LR14


Definition of the Derivative Tutoring 12 Answers LR15


Differentiation Rules Tutoring 13 Answers LR16



Tutoring 14 Answers LR17


Integration I Tutoring 15 Answers LR18


Integration II Tutoring 16 Answers LR19 | LR20


Integration III Tutoring 17 Answers LR21


Integration IV Tutoring 18 Answers LR22


Calculus Applications Tutoring 19 Answers LR23 | LR23


Learning Outcome 4:  Statistics and Probability
Handouts Tutoring Sheets Answers Learning Resources   Scenario
Tabular & Graphical Form Tutoring 20 Answers LR24


Central Tendancy&Dispersion Tutoring 21 Answers LR25


Regression&Correlation Tutoring 22 Answers LR26


Probability Tutoring 23 Answers LR27


Probability Distributions Tutoring 24 Answers LR28



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SIT/HND Mathematics





Learning Outcome 1: Number Systems
Handouts Tutoring Sheets Answers Learning Resources   Scenario
Error Arithmetic Tutoring 1 Answers LR1 | LR2


Number Systems Tutoring 2 Answers LR3 | LR4


Complex Numbers Tutoring 3 Answers LR5


Engineering Problems Tutoring 4 Answers LR6


Learning Outcome 2: Graphical & Numerical Methods
Handouts Tutoring Sheets Answers Learning Resources   Scenario
Curve Sketching Tutoring 5 Answers LR7 | LR8


Numerical Integration Tutoring 6 Answers LR9


Bisection Method Tutoring 7 Answers LR10


Newton-Raphson Method Tutoring 8 Answers LR11


Learning Outcome 3: Vector Geometry and Matrix Methods
Handouts Tutoring Sheets Answers Learning Resources   Scenario
Vectors Tutoring 9 Answers LR12


Matrices Tutoring 10 Answers LR13


Gaussian Elimination Tutoring 11 Answers LR14


Vectors Geometry Tutoring 12 Answers LR15


Learning Outcome 4: Ordinary Differential Equations
Handouts Tutoring Sheets Answers Learning Resources   Scenario
First Order DE's Tutoring 13 Answers LR16


Numerical Methods Tutoring 14 Answers LR17


Euler's Method Tutoring 15 Answers LR18


Taylor Series Method Tutoring 16 Answers LR19


Applications of 1st Order DE's Tutoring 17 Answers LR20


Second Order DE's Tutoring 18 Answers LR21


Applications of 2nd Order DE's Tutoring 19 Answers LR22


Engineering Situations Tutoring 20 Answers LR23











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